Monitoring Solutions


Revolutionary CCTV Experience

A truly state of the art web application,
XanCloud allows you to stay aware and in control by monitoring, recording and replaying your home, business and livelihood.

Event table

With a visual simplicity that reveals "best" images for every 1 minute of continuous motion, you will see what happened in seconds and find any past event with just two clicks!

The "best" images mean you will never miss a person running past a camera or spend any longer than a few seconds finding and saving the most interesting snapshot.

Audit log

A fine grained permissioning system allows creating multiple user accounts. Limit user access to specific cameras, live streaming only or recorded events only.

A detailed audit log shows the XanCloud access history, allowing you to find out what the users are looking at.

Additional automated tests ensure any suspicious access is reported immediately.

Multiple sites

Connect multiple locations in one XanCloud and forget about having to remember multiple passwords.

Link all your XanBoxes together and enjoy the ability to filter through thousands of events in seconds.

Slide mac

XanCloud requires no software download or specific operating system.

Whether you have a Windows or a Mac, iPhone or HTC, with XanCloud, you can access both the live stream and recorded events at a click of a button or a tap of a finger.

With XanCloud, you can take advantage of supported audio. Each XanBox allows connecting 2 external analog microphones as well as any external or internal microphones in IP cameras.


Xanview is based in London and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer support here in the UK.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers, so feel free to get in touch any time.


XanCloud allows easy integration with various additional modules apart from CCTV.

Connect your Alarm, home automation or car tracking devices to XanCloud and reap the benefits of having a single user interface to completely control your home and office.

XanCloud currently contains support for integration with DSC PowerSeries alarm and Asterisk & FreePBX IP phones.

To find out more, click here: Compatability